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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Something about Thai Commercial

I absolutely adore watching Thai advertisement. Not for the sake of purchasing the advertised item but just because they are always so entertaining to watch. Thai companies utilise so many advertising technique in one commercial. Their success lies in the way they present it. After watching the advertisement, you will want to share it with your friends and family, giving them the free advertisement of mere exposure. 

In this commercial that I chose particularly, there are elements of consequences template, where they showcase how using their peppermint inhaler successfully save the man from possibly being murder by his wife. Another very common technique used in Thai advertisement and in this one as well is the "so what's this?" concept. One can never guess what the advertisement is about until the very end. Often time, there is always a plot twist and sometime it is relatively unexpected. That leaves a very strong impression in your brain and creates an availability heuristic for the product.  

Not only that, it was found that using familiar background music increases detail recall for an advert compared to unfamiliar music with the same advert (Hann & Hwang, 1999). This advertisement utilises the struggle of every guy out there and present it in a very dramatic and entertaining way. This makes the commercial the talk of the town and and much more memorable.

Next time you think of buying an inhaler, you will probably recall this advertisement before any.


Hahn, M., & Hwang, I. (1999). Effects of tempo and familiarity of background music on message processing in TV advertising: A resource- matching perspective. Psychology & Marketing, 16, 659-675.

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