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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Brush like a Pro!

Although Oral B is a company promoting positive hygiene behaviour, it does not change the fact that their main goal is to make money. We, the public, rely on the dental hygiene industry to inform us on what is the best way to keep our teeth pearly white. Consequently, we want to think the information presented to us is professional and well informed.

The Authority Figure
Milgram’s studies shocked the public by showing that a large proportion of normal people were willing to supposedly kill another person purely because an authority figure told them to do so (Milgram, 1978). Surely if authority can make you commit crimes, it can make you buy a round tooth brush head that has never been done before! This is exactly what oral B manipulated. Their advert is littered with the fact that dentists believe this kind of toothbrush is the best for dental hygiene and so should obviously be the one you buy. “She said definitely electric!” and “inspired by dentists” are prime examples of the advert making sure you know they have the best-informed product. To top it off, their slogan for the toothbrush is “Brush like a pro!” if the message could not be any clearer.

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Milgram, S., & Gudehus, C. (1978). Obedience to authority.

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