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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Is every ad a Tide ad?

Is every ad a Tide ad?

Although the Super Bowl period tends to be nearly as exciting as Christmas for seeing great adverts, #TideAd is by far my favourite this year. What is so cool about it is the element of surprise. As we are shown multiple short scenes of well-known advertisements, such as Budweiser and Mr. Clean, David Harbour comes in to establish that it is actually a Tide ad. Because of both our instincts and violation of expectations that constitutes learning, our brains ‘wake up’ when something cool and unexpected happens. Luna and Renninger even go as far as claiming that an unexpected event can intensify people’s emotions by 400% (Luna & Renninger, 2015)! Equally, the exposure we’ve had to the well-known ads displayed in the Tide ad makes us like them more, due to the mere exposure effect. Not forgetting David Harbour’s recent appearance in ‘Stranger Things’, increasing recognition, as well as the social media campaign that followed the Super Bowl, with Isaiah Mustafa, Mr. Clean’s Twitter account and many more posting about #TideAd! How much cooler can an ad get!

Luna, T., & Renninger, L. (2015). Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected (1st ed.). New York: Penguin Group.

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