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Thursday, March 1, 2018

McVitie's Chocolate Digestive Kitten Advert: The Sweeetest Campaign Ever?

Mcvitie's released an advert that embodies the 'cute/happy factor' which entails grey blue-eyed kittens coming out of the biscuit packet when opened. Furthermore, the ad ends with the statement "the chocolatey snuggle of McVitie's". The kittens are used to try and induce the same emotional responses and feelings as eating a McVitie's biscuit- a chocolate snuggle of McVitie's and to make people feel happy about the product.

This advert take the peripheral route of the Elaboration likelihood model by getting viewers to focus on factors and cues outside of the message (the cute kittens, happy music) rather than the actual message of the advert (buy biscuits).

Although, some may be upset when they open the packet and find no adorable kittens!

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