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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Lynx Effect

The Lynx ‘Billions’ advertisement used the Goldenberg, Mazursky, & Salomon (1999) extreme situation template in which an ordinary deodorant for men was shown to possess unrealistic attributes. The advertisement features the ‘Dies Irae’ requiem by Karl Jenkins, which makes the racing women affected by the Lynx deodorant look dramatic and humorous at the same time.

In the first scene the audience can see an attractive brunette in a red bikini costume running though a jungle. Soon other brunettes in red bikinis join her and they continue running together, they run very fast as if they were taking part in a competitive race. In another scene there are blondes in green bikinis competing in the race as well, and there are more women of different ethnicity in the sea in white and blue bikinis swimming quickly towards the beach.

Finally, the audience can see the object of the desire of all the females. He is a young man who stands on the beach using Lynx deodorant. At the end of the advertisement a statement is made: ‘Spray More. Get More. The Lynx Effect’.

The commercial implies that women will be drawn to a man who uses Lynx deodorant, they will find him overwhelmingly attractive, and will be overpowered by the ‘Lynx Effect’.

Moreover, the advertisement is creative and humorous, which increase a product liking, comprehension and attract consumer attention (Fugate, 1998).


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