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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lynx Attract - Unleash the Chaos

This advert is an example of the Consequences Template put forward by Goldenberg, Mazursky & Solomon (1999), specifically it uses the Extreme Consequences Version of the Consequences Template. This advert shows a somewhat ridiculous consequence of using Lynx Attract, implying that the world will descend into chaos and men and women will not be able to function from the inability to resist each other after using the product. The absurdity of the advert is obvious to the viewer, and is used as an exaggeration of the main selling point of the product that it is scented and will be appealing to members of the opposite sex. Despite being such an exaggeration, the advert still highlights the main selling point of the product and conveys it to the viewer, who will watch the advert and, even though they know that the extreme situation in the advert is unlikely to happen, still believe that Lynx has attractive qualities that will work on the opposite sex and will then want to use the product.


Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D., & Solomon, S. (1999). The fundamental templates of quality ads. Marketing Science18, 333-351. 

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