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PROPAGANDA FOR CHANGE is a project created by the students of Behaviour Change (ps359) and Professor Thomas Hills @thomhills at the Psychology Department of the University of Warwick. This work was supported by funding from Warwick's Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free gifts!!

One of the most common and obvious ways to attract consumer's attention is gift giving. Everyone loves recieving gifts. When deciding which magazine to buy the gift that comes with it may be what makes us get one over the other when the contents are very similar. This may seem trivial and superficial when the decision we are making is between Cosmopolitan or Vogue, but the power of gift giving goes beyond magazines. It even influences the bank we put our savings in, how many money do we put and how satisfied we are with our bank.
In a recent study, researches found that gifts increased deposit balances, survey response rates and customer  satisfaction compared with a non-gift group. The quality of the gifts and the consistency of gift-giving also influenced the deposit balances and satisfaction.


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