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Friday, February 27, 2015

Naturally Capable.

This captivating advert by Nissan features a 4x4 Nissan Murano transforming into various computer-generated animals adapting to the extreme environments it is travelling through/across. At the beginning of the advert you witness the 4x4 driving off a countryside-like roadway approaching a rocky terrain, the car then morphs into what appears to be a bear. This large creature then speeds uphill, racing over a mountain transforming back into the 4x4, until it reaches another hill and rocky pathway - transforming into a large spider and back to the 4x4. These transformations are repeated throughout the video, where the 4x4 also transforms into an alligator (to cross water) and a snake.
The tactic used by Nissan is the dimensionality alteration template. This template involves the dimension of the product manipulated in relation to its environment; in this case, the car is placed in various extreme ‘un-driveable’ environments. The version of the template used in this advert is the “new parameter connection”, the power and resilience of the 4x4 is demonstrated through the car shape shifting, morphing into dominant (and feared) animals to cross these extreme environments, highlighting the adaptability and enhanced performance of the car in all climates or dimensions. The clever use of this tactic emphasises the durability and superiority of the car, increasing its attractiveness and persuading potential car owners and thrill seekers to purchase the car.


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