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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Join the Club: AIRFIX

Here is an interesting ad, which I often see in magazines targeting children.  Could people please comment on this ad and explain some of the techniques that AIRFIX uses to sell their 'club.'


  1. well for certain the rule of reciprocity was embodied in this selling of membership. the favor (i.e. free airfix kit) is given first, which contains several items. with such a 'big' 'free' favor presented, it is difficult to refuse to join.

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  3. In addition to the reciprocity principle, the 'Granfalloon' or social identity tactic has been exploited. Those that are interested in making models may consider model-making as part of their identity. They are likely to be susceptible to social influence by this ingroup, as people desire to stay in a positive group to protect self esteem and identity. So here, the communicators ask for ingroup members to pay a fee and join the club, and viewers may comply to protect their status in the ingroup.

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  5. The imagery sells technique is also used, picturing a hand holding the gifts they offer once joined up. That hand is not attached to anyone, and thus could be seen as the reader's own, clutching the benefits of membership. This provides an actual visual representation of what possessing the badge, certificate, catalogue and member's card will look like. Imagining having these things could act as the persuasive tool necessary to spark enthusiasm and subsequent membership.


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