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Friday, January 25, 2013

Find your True Match with Beyoncé

Find your True Match with Beyoncé

This L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation commercial features well known celebrity Beyoncé promoting her unique experience with the foundation while its features are described.
This advert uses the physically attractive-admirer altercast; Beyoncé is both a famous celebrity and what is considered to be very attractive. Pharmaceutical sales representatives in a study promoted different products treating the same ailment to local physicians. It was found that sales were significantly higher for physicians visited by attractive salespersons proving attractiveness has an effect on consumer behaviour (Ahearne, Gruen & Jarvis, 1999). Furthermore, Reingen and Kernan (1993) used photographs of people previously rated attractive or unattractive as salespersons. These photographs were rated by participants as good or bad salespersons. They found physical attractiveness as a main effect for the ratings.
Beyoncé is a well-known and admired celebrity and many products use celebrities to endorse their products. Using a celebrity gives the advert better source credibility which makes the message even more effective (Erdogan, 2010).
The advert cleverly uses the product as a gateway between ordinary consumers and the celebrity, while maintaining that every person is unique. Giving consumers the celebrity’s cultural background along with the shade she uses reinforces the connection and the aspiration of beauty like Beyoncé’s by using the product.

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