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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pick Up 5x More Women

This advert uses the fact that Lamborghinis are seen as attractive cars to own, especially compared to the car presented, and jokingly implies that with a Daihatsu you could pick up 5x the women you would with a Lamborghini. The main technique used here is humour.

Strick et al. (2011) found that association with humour affects liking of products implicitly. In their experiments energy drinks were presented in a mock magazine either with a funny cartoon or a cartoon where the punch line had been changed so it was no longer funny. The authors found that while presenting the energy drink with a funny cartoon did not increase participants' memory of the product it did increase the ratings of how much participants liked the product and, in a subsequent experiment, participants were more likely to choose the energy drink paired with the funny cartoon than with the unfunny version of the cartoon.

In this case the mere association of Daihatsu with humour could increase participants' liking of the vehicle and the sales of the car.


Strick, M., van Baaren, R. B., Holland, R. W. & van Knippenberg, A. (2011). Humour in advertisements enhances product liking by mere association. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 1(S), 16-31.

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  1. Very funny and nice description of STrick et al.


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