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Friday, February 22, 2013

Peugeot Air Bag

This video depicts an interactive print ad that was placed in a magazine by Peugeot.

This ad asks readers to hit the image of a Peugeot 408 in order to demonstrate how it provides greater safety than previous cars. Little did the reader know that there was in fact a mini airbag fitted behind the image, which expanded in response to pressure. This highlights the new and improved airbag system fitted in these cars.

This demonstrates the interactive experiment template (Goldenberg, Mazurksy & Solomon, 1999), specifically the activation version. The reader inadvertently activates the product, which is being promoted and thus is forced to experience the benefits they would receive should they invest in the new car.

In a study by Wendy Macias (2003) participants were shown either an interactive advert or a non-interactive advert and then given a questionnaire to determine its effectiveness. Results showed that interactive advertising has a positive effect on the comprehension and persuasive outcomes.

Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D., & Solomon, S. (1999). The fundamental templates of quality ads. Marketing Science, 18, 333-351.

Macias, W. (2003). A preliminary structural equation model of comprehension and persuasion of interactive advertising brand websites. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 3, 36-48. 

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