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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Alteco Super glue – Super enough to hold a bridge together!

This clever outdoor advertisment demonstrates ‘The Extreme Situation Template’, as the situation portrayed is of an unrealistic nature, thus enhancing the key attributes of the product (Goldenberg, Mazursky & Solomon, 1999). A 28-meter long Alteco Super glue model was built and stuck on a connector of a cable bridge in China. This was done to show that this super glue performs beyond the limits of any other super glue, and exaggerates that it is so powerful that it can hold a bridge together. Although it is unrealistic, it successfully emphasizes the key feature of the product.

This campaign was a huge success, and the huge outdoor model had drawn attention to different media. Once the product was launched it exceeded the expected sales target by 120%. The brand awareness and recall of “Alteco Super glue” also rose to 96%. Donthu, Cherian and Bhargava (1993) conducted a study testing the influence and effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Research found that viewers, who pay attention to outdoor advertisements, have a positive attitude towards advertising and are more likely to have higher recall rate towards the advert.


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