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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chanel No 5

This advert for Chanel No. 5 perfume was voted as the worst advert of 2012, for its pretentious and baffling speech, delivered by actor Brad Pitt. 
This advert tried to employ the High Status- Admirer Altercast, which Weick, Gilfillan and Kieth (1973) found to be effective by showing that orchestras made fewer errors when they performed music by high-status composers, in comparison to low status composers. 
It may also have been the intention of the makers of this advert to intrigue the viewers with the mysterious nature of the ad, hence the nonsensical script, which was shown to be a successful method of influence by Swasy and Rethans (1986), who found that teenagers who had more questions about an advert had higher recall of the advert. 

Swasy, J. L., & Rethans, A. J. (1986). Knowledge Effects on Curiosity and New Product AdvertisingJournal of Advertising15(4), 28-34.

Weick, K.E., Gilfillan, D.P., & Keith, T.A. (1973). The effect of composer credibility on orchestra   performance. Sociometry, 36, 435-465.

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