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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Knorr macaroni, an advert from Hong Kong

This is an advert of Knorr macaroni played in Hong Kong in 2002. The advert began with scientists experimenting on bouncy elements to be applied to sneakers as air cushions. Then, one scientist got inspired by the texture and shape of Knorr macaroni. At the end of the advert, people were depicted to be wearing sneakers with air cushions bouncing on the street, accompanied by a verbal slogan 'Knorr macaroni, as bouncy as you want'. 

The replacement version (Pictorial Analogy template) was applied to exaggerate the message theme in this ad, which is bounciness of Knorr macaroni, represented by the symbol in this case of 'sneakers air cushion'. This metaphoric use of elasticity by comparing air cushions and macaroni displayed explicit use of creativity, and at the same time obvious and recognisable to audiences. In addition, the consequence of using Knorr macaroni as a formula to create air cushions was unexpected and exaggerated. I consider this advert a successful one, as its absurdity has captured my attention since I watched it years ago, and recalled it once I finish reading Goldenberg's article on creativity templates.

Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D., & Solomon, S. (1999). The Fundamental Templates of Quality Ads. Marketing Science, 18, 333-351.


  1. and it's funny that you remember it from long ago...additional proof.


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