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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sicherheit schaffen

This is an advertisement in Switzerland from a few years ago, produced by the far right party (SVP), aiming to get Swiss citizens to vote in favor of more restrictive immigration laws.

Among other tactics, this add uses the 'Granfalloon' technique, by emphasizing the Swiss group--possibly even a 'white' Swiss group.  One could, of course, emphasize the importance of an educated group, or an altruistic group, or a wealthy group, but here the focus is on keeping 'unwanted' individuals out of Switzerland.

In empirical studyies of the Granfalloon technique, participants are assigned to groups based on meaningless criteria, such as a random coin flip, or painter preferences.  Then, when asked about traits of other individuals in the same group, they find them to have a more pleasant personality, to be better workers, and to share more money and rewards with same group members as opposed to different group members (Tajfel, 1981).

Tajfel, H. (1981).  Human groups and social categories. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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