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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Never say no to panda!

Panda Cheese is produced by Arab Diary in Egypt. The company was fairly unrecognised internationally however, they became famous for their 2010 series of advertisements which also went viral over the internet across the world and even claimed two grands prix at the 2010 Dubai Lynx. The advertisement is basically a fat panda, appearing out of nowhere and getting aggressive every time someone says no to Panda cheese. The humorously violent element of this advertisement capitalises on various emotions, from aggression to amusement, making the advertisement fairly memorable. Because of the advertisement’s success, they went on to make a series of similar “never say no to panda” adverts in different situations, relatable to a variety of audiences. Also because of its highly creative nature, it was all over the internet.  For example, at a young girl’s birthday party, the Panda comes and smashes the birthday cake because the birthday girl said no to a panda dairy product.  Hence when a customer went to buy cheese, he/she might in fact end up buying panda cheese, simply because of availability heuristic if nothing.

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