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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mercedes-Benz v/s Jaguar

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz came up with an advertisement campaign where they used a chicken’s remarkable body control analogy to promote their machines’ stability and road surface scan function. They termed this as “magic body control”. While using playful animal metaphors is a great way to capture attention, what Jaguar did after was even more impressive. They successfully implemented the competitive template. In their advertisement they created a parody of Mercedes-Benz’s advertisement, where they belittled a chicken by showing a majestic creature like a jaguar consuming it. They titled it “Jaguar v/s chicken”, thereby implying to be the more dominant company who’d have a clear advantage over its competitor.  They capitalised on Mercedes-Benz’s already successful advertisement campaign whilst creating a more desirable and glorious image for themselves. The advertisement ends with “we prefer cat like reflexes” subtly implying that the machines created by Jaguar had more integral features than that of their competitor. 

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