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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Helping the homeless

The need to help homeless people is important, particularly around Leamington Spa. Homelessness is increasing in the UK as of recent years and with winters becoming colder, homelessness can often be life threatening. With very little money they have minimum access to food, cooking facilities and toiletries. A recent initiative set up by Action 21 Charity aims to provide food and resources to local homeless individuals to make the winter months a bit more bearable. 
 People living around Leamington Spa were approached to help increase donations to homeless shelters. Individuals were asked if they have donated to homeless shelters in Leamington Spa before and everyone stated that they hadn't donated before. In order to change this behaviour and increase donations, we asked people if they wish to donate in the future. All individuals who wished to do so, signed a paper and made a commitment stating they would like to donate in the future. Then they were given a poster (as shown above) to increase salience of the homelessness crisis around Leamington Spa.

 After a few days, these individuals were approached again and asked to make any donations of dry food or sanitary items as they wish.

Individuals were very generous (as you can see below) and donated many items to homeless shelters. All items were then handed over to Action 21 Charity to be distributed among homeless people.

Project Done By -: Ranjeet Bassi, Aditi Bhansali and Savindi Subasinghe

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