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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Choose Coconut Oil now!

This advertisement makes use of a few persuasion techniques to try and convince people to start using coconut oil instead of the traditional olive oil.

The first technique used is the portrayal of an attractive model in the advertisement. Baker and Churchill (1977) found that a physically attractive model is more likely to induce an attitude change, which in this case is the change of usage from olive oil to coconut oil. Also, the model has her mouth slightly open while sucking the straw, which has an implicit sexual meaning, This results in a more attractive advert, enticing people to read it (Reichert and Lambiase, 2003).

The second technique used is the 'That's not all' technique, The concept behind this technique is that it introduces an additional benefit to purchasing coconut oil, which is to be used for oil pulling. The effectiveness of the 'that's not all' technique was shown by Burger (1986), where he managed to show that he was able to sell a cake and two cookies by mentioning the cost in two different ways: a cake and two cookies for 75p/ a cake and wait, that's not all, two cookies for 75p. The second method resulted in two times as many people purchasing the pastries. As such, people are more likely to switch over from olive oil to coconut oil for their daily cooking.

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