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Monday, February 25, 2013

WWF Fish Head Climate Change

This advert was created by WWF as part of the “Fishmen Campaign” to increase awareness about climate change in Belgium. The advert depicts what awaits mankind if climate change is not addressed with the slogan “STOP CLIMATE CHANGE BEFORE IT CHANGES YOU” and shows that people will have fish heads if they do not act to reduce climate change. This is a very extreme consequence which the consumer knows will not actually happen but it acts to shock the audience. 
This advert is a classic example of the Inverted Consequences version of the Consequences Template which shows what happens if the consumer does NOT follow the adverts recommendation (Goldenberg, Mazursky, & Solomon, 1999).

Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D., Solomon, S. (1999). The fundamental templates of quality ads. Marketing Science, 18, 333-351.

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