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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bingo "Swerti Pimple"

This is an advert by Bingo to promote the chocolate biscuit.

In the advert, the guy attracted the girls because of the chocolate biscuit in hand. Bingo tried to make an association between their chocolate biscuit and the attraction to beautiful girls. What Bingo wanted to bring out through the advert is that their chocolate biscuit is tasty, even the girls around can be attracted by it.

However, there is a stronger negative appeal created. When the advert begins, the first thing showed is that when the guy ate the biscuit, a pimple popped out. This can make a strong impression easily to the audience that Bingo chocolate biscuit causes pimple. Leventhal (1971) demonstrated the effect of fear appeal in his study on smoking. Within a sample of volunteer participants who were shown graphic cancer images and visual charts illustrating the relationship between cigarettes and the rate of death from cancer. Participants were rated more willing to stop smoking at later testings. In this case, Bingo accidentally produced a fear appeal in the advert.

Therefore, the advert is ineffective.

Leventhal, H. (1971). Fear appeals and persuasion: the differentiation of a motivational construct. American Journal of Public Health, 61(6), 1208-1224.

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