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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tide's 'magical mattraction' interactive ad.

This is a video demonstration of Tide's 'mattraction' ad in which viewers interact with the product directly. Readers of the magazines can literally pull a small sample pack of Tide from the ad in magazines, and when they do, the stain lifts off the clothing of the model! When readers are finished having fun with this 'magic' trick, they can try the free sample pack of Tide.

This ad is genius and brilliant, it exemplifies the activation version of the interactive experiment template in the fundamental templates of quality ads (Goldberg, Mazusky, & Solomon, 1999). With this template, consumers are required to carry out a task to receive the message conveyed by the ad, in this case, Tide wants to convey that their product can solve the problem that everyone faces daily, i.e., coffee, tea, ink stints.

By thinking outside of the box, i.e., making use of magnets to create a 'magical' effect, Tide really has done a superb job at catching consumers' eyes!

Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D. & Solomon, S., 1999. The fundamental templates of quality ads. Marketing Science, 18(3), pp.333–351.


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