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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Uncommon Uses

The above adverts are creatively taking advantage of the ‘Competition Template’ described by Goldenberg, Mazursky and Solomon (1999), specifically the uncommon use version. Using this template portrays the situation in a way that puts the advertised product in competition with another product with a similar attribute. The uncommon use version is where a product is shown to be used in an unconventional way instead of its intended purpose, in order to accentuate desirable qualities. The example provided in the paper for uncommon use is a pair of jeans being used to pull a car, emphasising important attributes of the product such as durability and strength.

The KitKat advert depicts a giant chocolate bar (appealing in itself!) as a bench, something to sit on and relax as opposed to its common use as a tasty snack. This is effective because it cleverly suggests the product’s slogan ‘take a break’ by showing someone physically taking a break with/on a KitKat. A clever and humorous metaphor and a great example of the uncommon use version of the competition template.

Similarly the bread advert portrays the product as being used as a comfortable pillow; so comfortable one could fall asleep. This has the effect of priming in the viewer the soft quality of the bread. Again this is humourous and subtle and the product is seen in a positive light, aided by the cuteness of the little girl who couldn’t resist the softness!


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