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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Westfield Shopping Malls


          The aim of this advertisement is to promote the reliability of the Westfield Shopping Malls through time. To demonstrate it, the dimensionality alteration template described by Golbenberg, Mazursky & Solomon (1999) is used. Specifically, the time leap version is employed as a technique to display the different changes in fashion around 100 years. 
           They suggested that this technique emphasises the relation of the product and its environment by manipulating and highlighting the time. London’s styles from 1911 to 2011 are chronologically shown with a couple dancing along the changes of music tendencies through this period of human’s history. 

          At the end of the commercial, a modern Westfield shopping mall is used as setting relating, this way, Westfield malls with the evolution of clothing trends and sending the viewer the message of these malls’ reliability on the continuous changing fashion.


Goldenberg, J., Mazursky, D., & Solomon, S. (1999). The fundamental templates of quality ads. Marketing Science, 18, 333-351

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