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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why #TFWGucci sucked

Why #TFWGucci sucked

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE memes. My whole Instagram algorithm is filled with memes – so much so that I don’t see my friends’ posts anymore. But if you try to mix high fashion retailer and a cool, hipster meme campaign, that’s where things start to go wrong.  #TFWGucci campaign felt a lot like your mum accidentally stumbled onto social media, and all you could do was:

Anyway, I think the main problem with the campaign has been Gucci failing to establish themselves as a part of an in-group. Simply put, there just isn’t enough link for millennials to feel connected and self-identify with Gucci, as it’s usually something their parents wear, deemed as an out-group. So, there just isn’t enough to identify with, and memes aren’t going to cut it. Perhaps if they brought a relatable brand rep (suggestion – the fat Jewish on Instagram?), they could’ve achieved more success. But for now, I bring you: Gucci Memes.

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