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PROPAGANDA FOR CHANGE is a project created by the students of Behaviour Change (ps359) and Professor Thomas Hills @thomhills at the Psychology Department of the University of Warwick. This work was supported by funding from Warwick's Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spread the Smile Campaign

For our positive change in the world, we wanted to spread the smile throughout campus, so we came up with the Spread the Smile campaign. We asked people to write a letter of gratitude on a smiley face, for someone and either give it to them in person, or pin it to our wall and tag them on Facebook.

Here is an example of blank Smiley notes which people pinned to our Smiley wall:

This is our Smiley wall, with all the notes of gratitude pinned up:

We used a facebook page where people could tag their friends who they had given smiley faces to:

We used a count down to tell people how long they had left to write a letter of gratitude:

We also had signs with findings from past research which show why writing a letter of gratitude would not only help spread the smile to the person being thanked, but also be beneficial to the person being thankful:

Finally, we handed people leaflets about ways in which they can continue to spread the smile:

By Raqeeb Mahmood, Carlien Djang and Sarina Afzalishamsabad

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