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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Evian Babies

Does everyone remember this series of humorous adverts by Evian Water?
The "Live Young" campaign features babies - dancing, surfing, rollerblading...etc.
It was first launched in 1998 to promote the rejuvenating effects of drinking mineral water and apparently due to its pH-neutral composition it has since been declared the No.1 brand of water recommended and used by mothers for their babies. Each ad was incredibly successful and have ALL gone viral. In 2009 the Guinness Book of World Records officially declared "Evian Roller Babies"the the most viewed online ad.

Youtube views:
Evian Roller Babies - 85,562,280 views

Evian Baby & Me - 136,201,399 views

An interesting case study on the Evian Roller Babies advert can be found here:

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