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PROPAGANDA FOR CHANGE is a project created by the students of Behaviour Change (ps359) and Professor Thomas Hills @thomhills at the Psychology Department of the University of Warwick. This work was supported by funding from Warwick's Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meat Free Week at Warwick

The aim of our project was to decrease the amount of meat eaten on campus and increase awareness among students about the health and environmental benefits of doing so. Using various mediums such as displaying posters, sharing information on social media platforms, and through persuasion and influence techniques; we conducted a week-long awareness and influence campaign.

We created an infographic (Picture 1) and posted it across social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Picture 2). We also used a consistent logo and message across all mediums (Picture 3). Moreover, we split into pairs and stood at the Bread Oven counter and Library Café respectively for 20 minutes a day for 5 days (Monday-Friday), handing out slips of paper (Picture 4) to people who had chosen a meat free meal.

On social media pages, we shared informative pictures and videos to convey the information and provoke shock. Additionally, recipes and suggested alternatives to meat were also posted and shared in order to facilitate and help followers change their diets. Furthermore, using social media platforms allowed us to measure responsiveness through the number of likes and hits on our Facebook page, Twitter page and followers on Instagram.

Picture 1: Infographic 

Picture 2: Snapshots of posts on social media

Picture 3: Logo

Picture 4: Congratulating Slip

Rebecca Claudia Zijderveld
Martha Richards
Emma Orton
Lillian Chan

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