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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breakfast cereals which make us feel beautiful and more confortable with our figure. When are you expecting to try them?

The brothers John H. Y William K. Kelloggs thought that a healthy lifestyle was essential for the well-being spiritual. Hence, their researchers were heading to find a low fat diet based in cereals and vegetables which had a good taste. At the end of the century XIX, the meals, even the breakfasts, were heavy, plentiful and with high-fat. People started to develop sedentary jobs so a lot of people suffered diseases related to poor digestion and finally, the importance of cereals was recognized.

This advertisement propose us a balanced lifestyle in which to have breakfast is essential to keep a slim and perfect figure, a life in which a concern how do you feel wearing leaves and you begin to look perfect wear whatever you wear.

These advertisements of ``low fat´´ cereals were made in order to encourage people to follow a balanced diet in which consumers would feel with more vitality and more beautiful only by reason of consuming cereals.

We can find that the canon of beauty is the figure with curves in her body that every woman dreams. This advertisement transmits us: stability, conservation, pleasure, like others, beauty, appearance and body worship.

Nowadays, the difficult situation of the young women who believe the unrealistic expectations that propose communication media about physical appearance is a growing concern for researchers examining the influence of television images in the well-being of the spectators.

The ideals of beauty are changing towards a preference for an ideal female form thin, elongated and fragile, whereas the ideal male body should be muscular and burly(Dionne, Davis, Fox & Gurevich, 1995). The female body valued by the media always seems to favor a slimmer feminine silhouette (Garner, Garfinkel, Schwartz, & Thompson et al, 1980).

Turner, Hamilton, Jacobs, Angood, & Hovde-Dwyer (1997) showed that the images of women, spread by the media, they not only reflect a social perception of the female body, but play a central role in the formation of a social perception of beauty.

Groesz, Levine, & Murren (2002) informed that self-esteem of viewer decrease significantly after exposure to images of thin models compared to exposure model medium or large size.

In conclusion, the main message in the kelloggs ``low fat´´ advertisements generally is how you can reduce weight to achieve a slim figure falling on the prototype of perfection created in our society. Hence, this brand has created their own diets with cereals, cookies and other items that this brand makes, and if that was not enough, in the back of each box of cereals there are suggestions about the quantity you should eat and special meals in order to lose weight as quickly as possible.


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Gemma Fernández Álvarez

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