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Saturday, January 18, 2014

ASOS Urban Tour: An Experiment In Shopping Culture

This interactive online advertisement was presented on a microsite platform within and promoted the autumn/winter 2011 menswear collection for the fashion and beauty website. The microsite no longer exists as part of ASOS, but is viewable via the Bartle Bogle Hegarty (the advertising agency responsible) website features extreme examples of raw talent from performance artists across seven countries who are wearing the clothes from the collection. The site allows users to interact by clicking on an individual performer, who breaks out from their group and launches into their own routine, whilst the surroundings remain frozen in time. Users could click to buy products at any point during their viewing experience.

This notion provides a great example of the ‘Interactive Experiment’ creativity template used in advertising as explored by Goldenberg, Mazursky, and Solomon (1999), and in particular the ‘activation version’ of the template. The only way to view the advert was to click onto the microsite and take physical action to interact with it, engaging the consumer.

The Urban Tour website provides an engaging experience for the senses. Research shows that the ‘Interactive’ template of creativity is the most effective compared to other templates used in video advertisements (Roozen & Depypere, 2012).

Interestingly, the ASOS target market of 18-34 is equivalent to the age of the performers featured in the films, which might induce a kind of comparative influence leading people to aspire to be like, and therefore dress like the performers. This idea is supported by Smucker and Creekmore (1972) who found conformity in matters of dress to be an important condition in peer acceptance for adolescents.

For these reasons, ASOS benefited from a creative campaign that enticed users to buy their clothes with one click of their mouse.

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A 20 second behind the scenes video for those interested: 

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