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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glamorous, Elegant, Feminine

This is an advertisement by Coco Chanel introducing her very first perfume "Chanel No.5" in 1937. She herself represented the first spokesperson of this perfume. Her glamorous and elegant's image became the icon of this perfume. In 1954, people became even crazier when Marilyn Monroe told the press all she wore to bed was 'a few drops of Chanel No.5'. This advert successfully made almost every lady to dream to have a Chanel No.5 in lifetime.

The technique they use in here is the physically attractive-admirer alter cast. 
The celebrities in the advert establishes a prestigious position that people 
will admire and desire to be one of them. This desire to identify with the 
beautiful result in a  positive persuasive effect.

Reingen & Kernan (1993) carried out a study on physical attractiveness in interpersonal influence. The experiment first used a 7 point attractive-unattractive scale to select attractive and unattractive people's faces from pile of photographs. These selected photographs then labelled as salesperson selling different products. Participants were then rate how likely they would buy from these different salesperson. Results showed attractive salesperson tended to more effective in selling.  

 (Godfrey Leung)
Kernan, J.B., & Reingen, P.H. (1993) . Social perception and interpersonal influence: Some consequences of the physical attractiveness stereotype in a personal selling setting. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2 , 25-38

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